Anarchol [welsh]= anarchic (anarchical) – (adj.)

a. Of, like, or supporting anarchy
b. Likely to produce or result in anarchy.


Some Welsh Anarchist Links

South Wales Anarchists
“A network of collectives who are against all forms of exploitation & bigotry. We are concerned with taking direct action against capitalism & government. We spread information & build resistance to create a world based on justice & freedom. We organise autonomously without authority or hierarchy, so that everybody involved can have an equal say.”

South Wales Anarchist newsletter, widely distributed almost monthly publication of the South Wales anarchists.

Vote Nobody
South Wales Anarchists’ election campagin

Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN)
Anarchist group based in the welsh capitol

Gwent Anarchists
Group active in Newport, Cwmbran, Pontypool and Blackwood

Pembrokeshire Anarchists
Based in Tenby, newly established

Peoples Autonomous Destination (PAD) Social Centre
a physical space in Cardiff for groups & individuals who cannot or will not work within the constraints of governmental or corporate control.

No Borders Wales
organises on migration issues & acts to break down boundaries that divide us.

Cardiff Reading Anti-Capitalism
a study/reading group exploring revolutionary vision & strategy.


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  1. It was not Meltzer who made the claim that Sam senior coined Anarcho Syndicalism. Meltzer reports a conversation with Emma Goldman who made that claim about Sam.

    I spoke to Sam junior, and he said that senior did not say Anarchist Syndicalism because he knew of no working Anarchy at that time, and working people would have rejected the idea as impractical. A libertarian syndicalism working towards Anarchy should be the objective.

    Maybe he would have called for Anarchist Syndicalism after the practicality was demonstrated in Catalonia to be bloodily crushed by the Stalinists to prevent the CP policies being proved useless.

    Meltzer was one of the people I gave my verbal report on the Conspiracy to make socialism impossible in the UK I learned of in 1954. Discussed with him how someone who penetrated to find more on those lines could report effectively, and recollect that it would have to be leaks to trusted journalists.

    Laurence Otter denounces Meltzer for joining and becoming high in the Conservative Party. That could have been what Meltzer did to follow up my evidence. But everything went according to the Conspirator’s plan, Labour was split to let in Thatcher, the Miners were crushed, and Golbal Fascism to delight Ezra Pound is being built. The screaming giggle is that it is now being carried on and furthered by the Labour Party.

    Thank God the Neath Abbey Branch was expelled in 1939.

    Comment by Ilyan — September 30, 2007 @ 11:28 pm

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